WCF Advisors LLC advises Rockford Fastener on its sale

January 21, 2020

Milwaukee, WI – (January 21, 2020) — Wipfli Corporate Finance Advisors, LLC, is pleased to announce the successful sale of its client, Rockford Fastener, to Elgin Fastener Group (EFG).

EFG was impressed by Rockford Fastener’s demonstrated track record of delivering high-quality products with short lead times while maintaining exceptional customer service. By partnering with EFG, Rockford Fastener will be able to cross-sell its specialty fasteners to EFG’s expansive and diverse customer base. Nic and Matt Orman, owners of Rockford Fastener, are extremely enthusiastic about the transaction and are confident that EFG will continue the Rockford Fastener legacy for many years to come.

With the acquisition of Rockford Fastener, EFG boasts eight significant product brands covering specialty fasteners, licensed fasteners and wire forms. In addition to expanded products and capabilities from other EFG brands, Rockford Fastener’s customers will benefit from the considerable scale EFG offers to support their needs.

WCF Advisors, LLC, acted as financial advisor to Rockford Fastener in connection with this transaction.